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My first work of fiction in which the main character a Captain Mel Briggs retired from the Marines to the secret service where he was shot protecting the vice president and after recovering retired and returned to his hometown to become the county Sheriff.

In the first book Mel's adventure began when an old adversary kills a farm worker. Clues that only Mel recognizes that lead to the Secret Service and the FBI joining the investigation and Mel is again asked to serve his country. One idea became a five book series and once you start on the first book you won't put it down until you read the conclusion in the fifth book.  Me's life  takes a new turn leading to his being in love with first one mystery woman, then marriage to a younger woman and they have one child with another on the way, when tragedy strikes. His first wife Lori is presumed dead from a ship wreck. After a period of time he remarries and his new wife is related to the Royals of England with two daughters and two adopted sons he returns to the US. 

The Lasting effects of an Indiscretion

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Not only great fiction sci-fi, romance and adventure but practical books too books homeowners need four titles; how to repair or replace heating and air conditioning equipment or step-by-step instructions to replace a hot water heater at the bottom of the editors site authors bio, by this author for a complete list of published works go to www.smashed